Fast Breaking News!

The new Defiance DLC and Castithan Charge Pack DLC Guide is available!

The guide contains information, details, and tips for all the main DLC features stated below, and more:

                                   1. New Playable Species: Castithan
                                   2. 5 New Battle Arenas
                                   3. Volge Sieges
                                   4. Melee Weapons: Castithan Charge Blades
                                   5. Dark Matter Arkfalls
                                   6. 4-Player Vehicle
                                   7. New Storyline Missions
                                   8. New Pursuits, Duels, Outfits, Charge Weapons

WOW! How Can I get the new DLC Guide?                               

The guide will be available only as a FREE BONUS when you purchase the Defiance Guru Guide shown below.


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Learn How To Make HUGE Amounts Of Scrip!

Learn Awesome Combos Using Weapons And Your EGO Powers & Perks!

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to,

Defiance is the FIRST EVER MMO that is also a shooter and that is NO small thing!

The game combines the two seamlessly to make, in my opinion the ULTIMATE MMO!

However if you are jumping into Defiance for the first time you are in for a STEEP learning curve. Even if you are used to massive multiplayer games because of its format Defiance is A LOT different!

You need to have skills as a shooter as well as the strategy aspects of an MMO to make sure you are leveling your weapons correctly.

If you don’t know what you are doing you may become frustrated, bored or worst still have people overtaking you and get left behind.

One of the BEST things about the launch of a new MMO is getting in there and seeing all of the content FIRST! You can be sure that April 2nd will be a HUGE day and there are people honing their skills during the BETA to become the best online on launch day!

Most people think that you need to spend 8 hours or more a day to have a chance of competing in an MMO.

You need the best weapons, mods and EGO Powers as well as perks and that takes a ton of time right?

Well this is where Defiance Guru comes in and makes sure you will be competing and leveling SUPER FAST on launch day…



The Defiance Guru Guide is a COMPLETE guide to Defiance so you make super fast progress. The guide will provide you with a quick start guide which will improve your skills straight away and tell you what to expect.

We will also give you a step by step leveling guide for every mission, side mission and co-op mission.

We also give you an EGO guide and how the system works as well as a perks guide so you can build the ULTIMATE Ark Hunter.

There is a weapons guide and a mods guide to make sure you are always armed with the best weapons to suit your play style.

As there are no set classes in Defiance the key is fighting to your strengths and using a combination of EGO Powers, Perks, Weapons, Weapon Modes and Vehicles to become the ULTIMATE fighting machine and that is what we will help you do!



Do You Need A Guide For The Game?

This is a question we get asked a lot and it is a fair one.

Technically NO you don’t need a guide for the game.


If you want to be the best at Defiance and see ALL of the content…

If you want a step by step guide to the game that can get you to EGO rating 5000 (which is the current cap)…

If you want a COMPLETE perks list and builds guide that will turn you into a killing machine…

If you want step by step waypoints showing the fastest route through the game…

If you want a complete weapon modding guide…

If you want to dominate PVP…

If you want color maps for EVERY area in the game and know EXACTLY where to go…

If you want FREE updates for all DLC packs…


You DO Need Defiance Guru.

We have put together the most comprehensive guide for Defiance on the web.

No more searching for the best weapon combos, best vehicles, how to get scrip or which EGO powers and perks you should pick…it is ALL here!

IF you want to DOMINATE Defiance AND Have Fun Doing So You Need To Grab The Guide Now…



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See You Inside... 


Starter Guide

We will help you get to grips with the game fast and give you some of the skills you need to improve your aim.

You will need to know how each weapon handles, how to use your EGO powers to your advantage and WHEN to use them as well as battleground strategies in combat.

We give you simple tactics that can turn you from just a mediocre player into a killing machine overnight!

Some of the things we will cover is how to improve your shooting skills, what weapons you should pick for different skill levels and how to make progress fast!



Defiance Leveling Guide

We provide you with a step by step leveling guide for EVERY Mission! Every mission is currently covered in the story as well as side missions, hotshot missions, rampage missions and time trial missions.

We will also advise on the best route and the missions to concentrate on so you can level fast and get that XP!

Gain XP And Level Fast

We show you the fastest route through the game and the quickest way to be gain XP, get mods, scrip and more...

EGO Rating

We give you a guide on how to max out your EGO rating, EGO Points and Weapon Experience fast so you get to see the content in the game fast AND become a force to be reckoned with!





EGO & Perks Guide

Defiance Guru will also give you an in-depth guide to how EGO works and the four powers you can choose for your character.

We will advise on the best EGO Powers to take depending on your playstyle.


Further diversifying your EGO powers are perks that you can pick up for your character. We show you how these work, how you can unlock more and also create the PERFECT build to become a VERY deadly Ark Hunter FAST…


We also give you suggested builds so you can pick a style that suits your playstyle and make SUPER FAST progress through the game!

The builds guide will give you the EDGE!



Weapons And Mods Guide

Weapons Guide

You will need to know your weapons if you want to survive in Defiance. There are lots of them and they all react differently! Some give you a huge amount of recoil, some are only good for short range, some only good for long range and others are not’t worth bothering with.

Defiance Guru makes sure that you only focus on the best weapons in the game!


Just like EGO powers and perks the weapons can be modified in pretty much every way imaginable! Again, you need to make sure you have good weapons and which mods to put on them.

We show you how to make them more powerful, stop recoil and even make them have a faster rate of fire!



Enemy Guide

We give you a guide on the enemy and what you will be up against in Defiance. All of the enemies behave differently and all have different weaknesses. Once you know the weaknesses to exploit you will make faster progress!


We run through the different strategies that you need, whether you are taking on lowly Hellbugs or in a Arkfall taking on a boss!


We also show you how to take on the different enemies in the game and the tactics you can use to become DEVASTATING!



Vehicle Guide

Vehicles in Defiance are awesome! We give you the lowdown on the different types of vehicle and which one is the best.

Some you can team up with a friend and blast enemies, others will give you the edge in speed and some you can plough into the enemy to kill them.

All have their advantages and disadvantages and we show you them all.

We also give you tactics that you can use with the vehicles to become a VERY fast, and mobile weapon!



Pursuits And Boosts Guide


To level fast you will want to concentrate on pursuits which are achievements you can unlock for rewards. We show you how you can increase your EGO rating faster by unlocking Pursuits!


Still want to level faster?

You can do this with Boosts where you will be able to boost your XP, Scrip, Favour and Skills but you will need bits to do this and we show you how this works.


Get A FREE 5 Day Quick Start Course For Defiance That Tells You What You Need To Know To Make FAST Progress...



What's Inside The Defiance Guru Guide?


Beginner’s Guide

Getting Started:

If you are new to Defiance we walk you through some of the basic skills you will need to dominate. This will help you get off on the right foot and give you the skills you need to become pro faster…

  • Getting Started In Defiance!
  • What You MUST Know If You Want To Make Fast Progress!
  • Simple Tactics To Improve Your Shooting Skills EVEN If You Have NEVER Played A Shooter!


Defiance Leveling Guide

Race Through The Content:

We give you a COMPLETE leveling guide for the game that will feature maps, step by step leveling guides and waypoints so you make the FASTEST progress through the game!

We cover ALL missions, side missions and even special missions such as time trial and rampage.

  • Level Through The Game VERY Fast And See The Content First!
  • Step By Step Progress Guide Shows You Fastest Route Through The Game!
  • EGO Rating, Weapon Experience And EGO Points Guide Shows You How To DOMINATE!
  • All Missions Covered!
  • Free Updates For Life!


Ego & Perks Guide
Become The ULTIMATE Ark Hunter

If you want to stand a chance in Defiance you will need to know how to use EGO powers and Perks to your advantage. We give you a guide on ALL EGO powers and perks and what we consider the BEST builds as you progress through the game.

  • Discover the BEST EGO Powers & Perks to pick and WHY!
  • Become More Powerful Early On In The Game!
  • Suggested Builds To Match Your Playstyle!
  • Dominate Arkfalls And PVP With The ULTIMATE Builds!

Weapons Guide
Create The ULTIMATE Weapon!

Defiance Guru will also give you an in-depth guide to ALL weapons in the game that will help you level the best weapons and use mods to make them even more powerful!

  • Discover The Best Weapons To Use And Why!
  • Learn The BEST Mods And How You Can Turn An Average Weapon Into The ULTIMATE Killing Tool!
  • Use The Best Weapon Loadout For ULTIMATE Stopping Power!
  • Learn The Best Alien Weapons To Use!


Enemy Guide
We include a guide to all enemies so you know what you are up against and more importantly how to beat them ALL!

  • We Show You All The Enemies You Will Be Up Against In Defiance!
  • Strategies And Techniques To Use To Beat The Enemy Fast!
  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Enemies Revealed!
  • Battlefield Tactics To Make You UNSTOPPABLE!
  • Arkfall Guides Showing You How To Get Some Of The BEST Rewards In The Game!


Vehicle Guide

Defiance is massive and if you want to get around quickly you will need a vehicle. You will also need to know how to USE it for best effect!

  • Discover The Best Vehicles In The Game Whether You Want Speed Or Power!
  • Use Your Vehicle As The ULTIMATE Weapon With These Tactics!
  • Driving 101 – How To Become The ULTIMATE Mobile Ark Hunter!
  • Unlock Pursuits Using Your Vehicle! We Show You How!


Pursuits And Boosts Guide
To make really fast progress you will need to know about Pursuits and boosts and how to use them! We lay it all out for you!

  • Get A HUGE Advantage Early On Using Boosts To Make Fast Progress!
  • Get HUGE Amounts Of XP, Favour, Scrip and Skills – We Show You How!
  • Guide To Unlock The Pursuits Early So You Make The Fastest Progress!


Who Is This The Defiance Guru Guide For?

ANYONE that wants to level faster and be one of the first to see the content in Defiance!

ANYONE that wants to be competitive and enjoys the race to complete the game at launch!

ANYONE that is sick of being lame at shooters and/or MMO’s!

ANYONE that wants the EDGE on launch day!

ANYONE that wants a COMPLETE “go to” guide for Defiance!

Who Is Defiance Guru NOT For?

ANYONE that wants to use cheats or hacks – you won’t find any here!

ANYONE that wants to struggle through on their own!

ANYONE that views the ULTIMATE strategy as cheating!


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Defiance Guru Is Also Backed By A 60 DAY GUARANTEE:


60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you will LOVE the Defiance Guru guide and that it will make you a better player we are backing it with a money back guarantee.

"Use the guide for a FULL 60 days and if at ANYTIME you feel that the guide is not for you simply let us know and we will issue you a FULL refund - No questions asked!"


Grab Your Copy Today And Get Instant Access Too:


EGO Rating Guide - We Show You How To Boost Your EGO Rating From The Outset For FAST Progress!

Defiance Starter Guide – Get The Edge FAST…

Mission Guide – Get Step By Step Guides To ALL Missions & Side Missions!

EGO & Perks Guide – How To Build The ULTIMATE Ark Hunter Using Your EGO & Perks!

Weapons & Mods Guide – Get The Best Weapons And Make Them Unstoppable With The Best Mods!

Enemy Guide – See What You Are Up Against And What To Expect!

Pursuits And Boosts – We Explain How These Can Help You Level Faster And Show You Which To Pick!

Sharpshooter – We Give You A Guide On How To Improve Your Shooting Skills Faster!



As Defiance is a constantly changing world, there will be updates and we will update the guide free of charge every time it is needed!


Grab Your Copy Of The Defiance Guru Guide And Get INSTANT Access For Just $34.95 $29.95:



NOTE: No Monthly Fees! Free Updates (Including the NEW Castithan DLC Guide) & INSTANT ACCESS To The #1 Defiance Guide Guaranteed!

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